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When guys speak about Star Wars and women usually it is about Princess Leia, but thats not all what others, and by others I mean Feng Zhu (,  dream:



Vallejo women and monsters

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Boris Vallejo is another great name and even those who care nothing for these kinds of works have seen one or two of his drawings somewhere on the net.

Because Vallejo's women are not as fragile and dare I say real? his paintings in the subgenre of beaty and the beast are more like "Beauty and the Pet":



Royo maidens and beasts

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What better way to start than the iconic figure of fantasy and scf-fi paintings Luis Royo? and the classical "the Beauty and the Beast" genre? I can't think of many.

While the most proliferated genre of fantasy paintings is the female beauty with a ridicoulous sword, just look at the "Heavy Metal" magazine covers through the years, the second is pairing the maiden with a hideous beast. This creates the contrast and the woman looks more beautiful and the monster more ugly.